SSL works on iOS but not on PC (Edge, Chrome)

One completely unrelated thing :smile:

Your table seems to have been copy pasted from Word or something of that sort and shows the spelling underlines. You might want to fix that

Interesting that Chrome isn’t working for you. In Firefox, I get a Mixed Content warning, but in Brave (Chrome), it loads fine.

This is a typical symptom of Mixed Content. Everything is fine as https content loads, but then it hits an http resource and the lock goes away.

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@sandro - thanks for noticing ! you are right :slight_smile: i’ll have it fixed!

@sdayman - I was able to fix this by changing the web site in Elementor -> Tools -> change addresses from http to https

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Yael, if you have Mixed Content Issues, sometimes it’s as easy as installing the plugin - IF you have WordPress that is - Really Simple SSL (free version).

I went to attach it for you but I’m unable here.

Here’s where to get it:

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