SSL working on one domain but not the other


I’m having a problem with getting SSL to work on one of our domains - on older android devices it gives certificate errors, saying the name doesn’t match. But our other domain works OK using the same device.

Android device is version 4.4.2, so better than the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and later that Cloudflare supports with universal or named SNI certificates. DOES work. DOES NOT work. (domain does not have the .co in it)

Screenshots can be viewed at

We have tried the domain on a paid plan, but it didn’t help, and also with dedicated certificates rather than the universal one but that didn’t work either.

Both domains in the set up with the same origin IP address, so both are exactly the same site, so it makes no sense that one works and one doesn’t. Does something need to be reconfigured in the crypto settings?

I unfortunately can’t just use the domain instead. We have an app that has the domain build into it, so it would mean a change to our apps and a redeploy to the app and play stores which is not a trivial task.

Any help as to what I have wrong would be greatly appreciated


Both are working as expected for me in Chrome. Have you cleared cache? Is is still happening?


Hi - thanks for the reply.
Yes I have cleared the cache.
Sorry I should have added - both work in Chrome on android but not in the native android browser.
Our app uses the webview control to allow html pages to be viewed in the app. The webview control uses the native android browser.


Strange. It works on all of my desktop browsers, but haven’t tested mobile (yet). We can continue to troubleshoot here, but I recommend filing a ticket with support. They can dig into the details as well. Just make sure to update one if you get the answer from the other :slight_smile: