SSL working for others but not me!



My website has SSL from the free version of Cloudflare.

It’s active and has passed 24 hours.

SSL connection works for others but not for me.

What can I do to solve this?

I have tried different, IP, devices browsers and cleared cache.

I have the exact same setup for and it works perfect.


I suggest you check the headers to see if it’s really being served by Cloudflare. Firefox and Chrome have Developer Tools built in that can show you the server response. You should see Cloudflare headers if you’re accessing your site via Cloudflare.

As an aside, it’s working for me.


Thanks for your response.

What do you mean? The headers where?

Obviously there is SSL. This is what my site shows on security when I inspect.

There is some kind of problem with the certificate chain?


From that same window (the one from your screenshot), go over to Network. Click on one of the files that loaded. It should open a pane that shows the Response Headers. There should be some Cloudflare information in there indicating it’s being served by Cloudflare. If not, then it’s quite possible you’re hitting your site directly due to some sort of DNS issue.