SSL working except for me and one person, been 3 days

So, I’m hosting on InfinityFree. I first enabled the cPanel CloudFlare, and SSL was working fine and took effect just in an hour.

Then I realized using the cPanel integration won’t let you have SSL for subdomains, so I disabled the cPanel integration and then re-added my site to CloudFlare manually so I could have more freedom.

It’s all set up good again, SSL and CloudFlare checker all says everything is working good. However, it’s been ~3 days and seems for my whole network my website’s SSL isn’t working (says no SSL certificate, maybe thinking it still points to the old nameservers)

I’ve checked every device I have, cleared DNS cache, still nothing and it’s been 3 days. All my friends say SSL is working fine for them, however finally one of my friends said SSL isn’t working (probably same issue as me)

I decided to connect to a VPN, and behold, the SSL works, so it must be something messed up/cached in my network. My router is Archer VR1600v

Please help me ASAP, thank you.

If your network will let you specify custom DNS, then I recommend &, and/or At least give those a try and see if that fixes the problem.

Some device setup instructions here (scroll down the page a bit):

I’ll give it a try soon, though I was hoping to understand why this is even happening in the first place.

EDIT: Changing to DNS worked, though definitely would like to understand why this happened normally. Perhaps my ISP has a bad DNS provider?

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