SSL with MediaTemple

I am trying to install Cloudflare-generated SSL on a domain at Media Temple.

No matter what combination I try to import the SSL certificate and Key, Media Temple responds “The Key Is Invalid.”

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Media Temple support is useless when it comes to this issue.

I have done this in the past with no problem on other domains, but it’s been a while.

Is there a third box for the Root CA certificate?

Yes, the three boxes are for:

  1. Key
  2. Certificate
  3. CA/Chain Certificate

Did you fill in all three boxes?

No. Cloudflare only gives me and “Origin certificate” and a “Private Key.” The third box is optional. I don’t have anything from Cloudflare to put into that box.

Media Temple says,
“CA/Chain Certificate
Only required if given to you by the company who issued your certificate.”

I tried both the RSA root and ECC root.

It still says “The Key is invalid.”

Do all the host names match? Maybe media temple is expecting more or less than what you put on the cert.

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