Ssl with infinityfree


now I do enable cloudflare on my domain with infinityfree host
when ssl free works on my domain ?

After ssl work now show this problem
Ssl not work on my domain

Have you already enabled Cloudflare?

If not, just follow the setup instructions and install a SSL cert on your host.

If you have, what is the domain?


my domain :


Your nameservers don’t appear to be pointing to Cloudflare. Unless you have tried a partner setup (which unfortunately are all different, so are difficult to troubleshoot)… you should follow the normal procedure, add the domain to your Cloudflare account and change the nameservers to point to CF.


Hi @domjh, not a partial/partner setup. @pepokrkr, the zones were deleted from your account yesterday. Add them back in and then change their name servers with your domain registrar to those assigned by Cloudflare.


Thanks @cloonan! :smile:


how i do it


Although, from what @cloonan said, the domain was already in your account yesterday…


i did enable cloudfare on my domain from 4 day ago in infinityfree host this is thier link :

i said thier support about my ssl free do not work and said me i should tell you beacuse you only can solve this problem

my domain :


That site isn’t using Cloudflare right now.

How did you add your site to Cloudflare?


This same issue appears to have been covered in your previous thread.

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from ce panel infinityfree host


i did not find step to link host with cloudflare


It’s their Cloudflare configuration, so they should help you.

If they won’t help, you would be better off not using their panel to add Cloudflare. Instead, do it directly:


how link cloudflare with host


Your domain is not using Cloudflare name servers. We have posted setup instructions twice.

At this point, since you’re not using Cloudflare, we can’t help you configure Cloudflare SSL.


now i enable ssl from cloudflare website

how link cloudflare with host ?


Please follow the instructions posted by @domjh and @sdayman.


“Security is not complete security” this message show me in my website when i click on lock

my domain :


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