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We have a problem!!! we bought a Webpage package with Godaddy that includes the SSL Certificate, but it doesn´t include a online Shop, we install the online shop on othe godaddy hosting package and define a subdomain for it, now the online shop is unprotected by the SSL certificate that we Bought with godaddy and they said that is not possible, then we configure Cloudflare in order to resolve the security issue, but by default applies the SSL certificate for both: and so its a handshake error 502, so we talk again with godaddy to disable the SSL certificate on your own, but they said that is not possible, the webpackage comes with ssl and is not possible to disable, we tried to disable the cloudflare SSL configuration for my site but now we have an error too many redirects, what should we do to activate the CloudFlare ssl to my subdomain but let godaddy manage the ssl certificate to my primary domain?

Thank you


You need to resolve this with GoDaddy. Your site needs to be fully functioning with HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

Thank you for your quick response,
in the meantime how can we let again Godaddy manage the DNS and security, because when deactivate the domain or the SSL on Cloudflair the page brokes with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Thank you.

You would need to change your name servers back to the ones assigned to you by GoDaddy.

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