SSL with GoDaddy hosting and Bluehost server

Dear friends,

I have not found online information on how to do free SSL with Cloudflare with the case where:
I have:

  • “GoDaddy” domain name
  • “Bluehost” as server
  • and of course “Cloudflare” for free SSL

I was fallow tutorials where they showed how to change DNS on my GoDaddy account but none of the video mention one thing about having a Domaine name and hosting account have seperate.
My website crashed due to the changes I made on my GoDaddy account.
My question to tech savy guys. Do I have to change the DNS name on my hosting account as well ???
I change only on my GoDaddy domain name, I have not to touch nothing on my hosting side ( Bluehost )

My website looks like it was written only with HTML5, no CSS, no JS, no PHP… just plain HTML …
I using WordPress BTW

Please help me

The only thing that you have to change is your nameservers for you domain to use the ones that were assigned to you from Cloudflare. So it should be from GoDaddy.
What is your domain and what are the nameservers that you were assigned?

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Having a domain with your registrar and your site hosted by another company is a fairly normal setup. Can you share the name of the domain in question?

It’s tough to say, but given the details you shared, I’d say search for ‘mixed content #communitytip’ and follow the instructions in the #CommunityTip to resolve. And/or, share some more details and perhaps other folks can assist.

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my domain name is:
The side doesn’t work Only in WordPress.
What I did:

  • I connected the domain name with Cloudflare

  • I change DNS in the Godaddy.

  • I have done nothing with my Bluehost account

What is the next step ??? I can’t find any pieces of information online about it.
Please help

Hi Cloonan

my domane name is:

I did exactly like in tutorials video.
I open an account with Cloudflare add my domain name
change my DNS with (GoDaddy) domain name provider.

  • I have done nothing with my hosting provider ( Bluehost) as I have not seen any information about that.

Unfortunately, the website looks like is written only with plain HTML.

But when I log in to my WordPress account it’s looking good.

Any idea? How I attack this issue. I have been struggling with this for weeks. :frowning:

my domane name is :

I am on mobile but am 99% certain thats a mixed content issue with a stylesheet call. If you use chrome developer tools you should be able to see the error in the console.

Edit - It’s the 1% that will get you :frowning_face:. No mixed content but it sure feels like the style sheet is not loading. If you pause cloudflare on the overview tab, does the page load properly?

Hi, Cloonan

Thanks, for such a fast response.

Yes, I checked it out. It’s the CSS issue… My question is. I didn’t write the code, but it’s from a premade theme, using WordPress.

When I dig into the HTML code all 11 CSS files are linked.

This happened after I change DNS name in my GoDaddy account.

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