SSL with custom port without dns proxy

I operate a website on port 20040 and would like to use Cloudflare’s SSL services. However, I’ve encountered an issue where the SSL only functions if the DNS is proxied through Cloudflare. Unfortunately, I cannot set the DNS to be proxied because it restricts access to port 20040, allowing only port 80. Is there a solution that would enable Cloudflare’s SSL to work while maintaining the use of port 20040?

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SSL doesn’t work on port 80. You can see which ports can be used with the Cloudflare edge here:

You also need to already be running HTTPS at your origin or your connection will actually be insecure and will mislead visitors into a false sense of security. With the amount of options available for free certificates, there is no reason to resort to deception. You can use a certificate from a free automated CA like Let’s Encrypt or obtain a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate for your server.

If you are able to secure your application on its non-standard port, you can map the standard HTTPS port to your non-standard using an Origin Rule.

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