SSL window doesn't even show a status after 28 hours

What does it take to start the authorization process of a Flexible SSL cert? Do I have to change my name servers over to Cloudflare before the cert process starts? I was hoping to have SSL set up before swinging over to a newly built site at a different host for the domain, but there is no status in the SSL window.

How long has it been “authorizing” for? I don’t know if it has at all - I see no status
Have you contacted Cloudflare support? Yes
If you have, how long ago and what is the ticket number? 3 hours ago - #1532430
What is the plan level for the domain in question? free
What error, if any, is displaying on your site at the moment? I’m pointing to the site via changes to my hosts file that point the domain to the Cloudflare name servers. Traffic is passing through Cloudflare, but there is no cert.
Are you signed up directly through Cloudflare or through a hosting provider/partner? directly through Cloudflare

Any help is appreciated.

Cloudflare support responded and said that the reason the cert status doesn’t exist is that I haven’t changed the name servers over yet. So I guess the TLS part of the setup can not be tested ahead of time via a hosts entry.

Unless you upload your own certificate[1], no. You could change your nameserver, leave everything :grey: and then test with a host file.

[1] Requires business plan or above.

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