SSL version of website not loading

Why is my site loading fine under http not under https.

I just started the account today.

Hi @derek9, you may want to clear browser cache or try from an incognito window. Loads find, you may want to enable Always use https on the SSL/TLS app once you’re sure it’s working as you want.

No it only loads a coming soon page. not the website. which you can see on the non https version.

ah, you’re going to Presumably, there is no www sub-directory or ssl is not enabled for that. There is a Tip for the Future Home of Something Quite Cool error you’re seeing, Community Tip - Best Practices For Dealing With "Future Home of Something".

it works if i switch to flexible ssl.

That’s a start! Note with flexible, the connection between your site visitor and Cloudflare, but not the connection between cf and your origin. You can generate a free self signed cert from the SSL/TLS app for that connection.

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