SSL version of website not loading

Why is my site loading fine under http not under https.

I just started the account today.

Hi @derek9, you may want to clear browser cache or try from an incognito window. Loads find, you may want to enable Always use https on the crypto tab once you’re sure it’s working as you want.

No it only loads a coming soon page. not the website. which you can see on the non https version.

ah, you’re going to Presumably, there is no www sub-directory or ssl is not enabled for that. There is a Tip for the Future Home of Something Quite Cool error you’re seeing, Community Tip - Best Practices For Dealing With "Future Home of Something".

it works if i switch to flexible ssl.

That’s a start! Note with flexible, the connection between your site visitor and cloudflare, but not the connection between cf and your origin. You can generate a free self signed cert from the crypto tab for that connection.

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