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Hi there. So I was looking at this websites SSL and it says verified by COMODO even though it is issued to, but by COMODO. How do I get a comodo SSL and others on my website?

Thank you, now solved :slight_smile:

Well, either put your page behind Cloudflare or buy a certificate from Comodo.
Or did I get your question wrong? :thinking:

Well. I have an SSL, but when I put my page behind Cloudflare it says, Verified by Cloudflare. On this website I just sent you it says verified by comodo even though they too have it behind Cloudflare, why is this the case?

The new certificates are issued by Cloudflare CA, before they were a trusted CA they used Comodo shared certificates.

I presume you mean like the difference between the certs on: and

Eventually, I presume they will all have Cloudflare certs as they come up for renewal…


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