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We have a larger enterprise account where we are adding hundreds of domains within the next 2-3 months. All the domains are used together with one of our clients multi-site platform and we create and configure the domains / zones from our own deployer tool integrated with Cloudflare API.

We verify SSL certificates using the CNAME method. This has been working fine without us doing anything except from requesting the CNAME’s from the API. But today our system failed, because a newly verified domain (added some time ago in CF) is using a certificate pack from DigitCert - all others use Comodo. The fail happened because the method suddenly changed from CNAME to TXT.

Is it possible some how to configure that all our SSL verifications use CNAME by default, if we does not explicit change it via the API?

Another thing is that the certificate object JSON structure is different from certificate provider to provider. DigiCert and Comodo use different properties for storing the record name and record target… and different certificate statuses. It would be nice if Cloudflare decides to streamline this… just saying…

Best regards,
Jens Beltofte

Hi @jens.beltofte,

Someone here may be able to help with this, but I would recommend contacting your customer success manager, or [email protected], as they are likely to have more experience with your setup.

Please let us know if we can help further and like I say, someone here may be able to help with your issue.

Thanks, @domjh. I have reached out to [email protected] and are waiting on their feedback.

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