SSL Verification is Pending

I’m using hostinger hosting.
I bought cloudflare from hostinger as cloudflare integrated with hostinger.

yesterday i started to set up cloudflare.

it show "cloudflare can not be enabled while ssl certificate is not verified. since then till today my ssl is not verified.

hostinger support staff told me to contact clouflare support as problem is not from their side.

can anyone help me with this?

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Encryption mode should not be just Full.


But SSL is not verified. if verification done then after we can talk on full and full strict…

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Are you still seeing this error? It looks like your Cloudflare SSL cert is deployed for this domain.

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yes simon…
I’m tired of this issue, hostinger team also in investigation from last 4-5 days. its seems like
cloudflare ssl verification is stuck between. is there any help you can?

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OK - I can see in your account that your SSL cert is verified and activated for your www subdomain.

Can you ask Hostinger to check and if they are still having issues have them write to Cloudflare support directly. This looks less like an issue with your specific domain (because the SSL is active & working) and more like a general issue with the logic in their control panel.

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okay I’m sending same to hostinger…thank you so much simon… I’ll back to you after update from hostinger.

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