Ssl Usage of Cloudflare

There are many info pollution about Cloudflare SSL usage…
Can you publish a clear tutorial about SSL usage settings? When people should select " flexible, full, full ( strict ) etc.

Hi @kusadasitouristservi,

There are many Community Tutorials, including one covering SSL modes, as you describe.


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I could not done, all web sites give error…all informations are conflicting each other!
Can you share a clear one!

Specifically on SSL modes, if you follow through Step 2: Setting up SSL with Cloudflare, it should help you work out what SSL mode you need.

If you have a specific issue, please post the domain name and describe the issue you are having.

Hi @kusadasitouristservi, If you’re having issues with just one zone, perhaps check the other settings as well as ssl, look at name servers, A records, CNAME, etc. If you eliminate/double check/verify the settings that are not causing an issue, you can find the things that are.

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