SSL unsupported protocol after enabling cloudflare

I installed a SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt on my server. Now when i enable the Cloudflare on the url (grey cloud to the orange one) it gives me the following message:

Site uses a unsupported protocol
Any idea how i can fix this?

What does your TLS/SSL status in the control panel say?


It says SSL is Off. You’ll need to enable it on the Crypto section of the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Okay so i changed it to ‘Full’ 3h ago and still the same message…

It may take up to 24 hours after the site becomes active on Cloudflare for new certificates to issue.

Do i need to set it to Full or Full (strict)?
Im using Let’s Encrypt

If your site worked fine before Cloudflare, thanks to your Let’s Encrypt certificate, then use Full (Strict).

For now, you can go to the DNS page and :grey: those domains until it your certificate becomes Active.

How do i see if it is working correctly then? Like where do i see the status that its active?

The top of the SSL/TLS settings page will have a Status message. For now, it’s probably showing a Notice that certificates can take 24 hours to issue.

does this always take so long?

It can take up to 24 hours, it doesnt have to.

Well i have waited 24 hours. I still get the same message about the ssl. So what now?

Any idea?

It could be stuck, as sometimes happens. Maybe @cloonan or @ryan can help with that. Try opening a support ticket login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. They should be able to give it a reset and reissue it for you.

In the mean time remove the redirect to HTTPS if you need to keep the site accessible.

Thanks for your reaction. I have created a ticket.

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