SSL Universal Edge Certifcate "Deleted"

Hello Community,
I am struggling in getting the Universal Certificate generated… The status shows “Deleted”.
I disabled and enabled the universal certificate but the status does not change.
Can someone help me with that?

Thanks, Alex

What is the domain?


Thanks, just to confirm you have tried disabling Universal SSL, waiting 15 minutes and re-enabling it and that doesn’t give you a pending or active certificate?

Can you expand the deleted certificate line in the dash and post a screenshot of it?

I can confirm the 5/15mins steps.

Thanks, I’m going to escalate this to Support as the domain setup looks OK to me so this will be difficult for us to troubleshoot.

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Hi @alex119 I can see the LE SSL certificate is now showing as active. Did this resolve itself or did you make any change?
Please also let us know if you are still having issues.

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Hi jochen,
Thank you for coming back to me. The certificate was working from one day to another. I did not change anything. Everything works fine now.

Thank you.

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