SSL Universal Certificate Expired

Is anyone having this issue? My website is unreachable because the Universal SSL certificate expired yesterday and didn’t auto renewed… I tried disable and enable Universal SSL, but nothing happens.


Hi @leonelcbraz, +1 to the question from @sandro, there were ssl delays yesterday that were resolved, you may want to try toggling ssl off & on again, details here, If you’re still seeing delays, let support know and they can assist. Please share your ticket number here and I’ll make sure it’s in the proper queue.


That’s @sandro. I’ve tried the disable/enable but it still down. I guess I have no ticket number @cloonan. redirects to “www”, which is not proxied and presents its own Lets Encrypt certificate. That certificate is not handled nor managed by Cloudflare.


My bad! I thought it was being proxied… I’ve changed that in the dashboard and It worked. Thank you very much guys.

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