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SSL not working correctly, hosted on Google Cloud showing fine in http after moving to cloudflare. Browser error showing as not safe. on speedtest showing 404. I cannot see what I have done wrong. Account show active and fine. from a none tech site here

Do you have a valid certificate on your server?

Also, the domain you linked to has been added to a Cloudflare account, however isnt using Cloudflare currently.

I am somewhat lost. my site is hosted directly on google cloud, I activated ssl on cloudflare thinking it issued a cert inline somehow within 24hrs. Does this mean there is some downloadable cert I need to with my hosted files. I am using a storage account not VM. Please explain how its not using cloudflare and what else I might need to do. I updated the ns records and I think I have followed all. Remember this much has been hard because I am in no way skilled in this field

The question is whether you have a certificate on your server. That is unrelated to Cloudflare and you need that certificate first. Also, your domain does not point to Cloudflare in the first place.

No nothing

DNS name Type TTL (seconds) Data NS 21600 *
* SOA 21600 * 1 21600 3600 259200 300 CNAME 300 *

First you need a certificate on your server. Second you need to chanfge.the nameservers at your registrar.

I did that first and the site went offline so I changed the ns records on the cloud and my site became live again. It seemed to be the only option that worked. I am really at a lose now. Point taken ref ssl

The site probably went offline because of.the missing certificate.

No that could not be the case its now active, with changing the cloud ns… Okay sorry you could not help thank you for your time

When you change the nameservers you hit the proxy certificate.

Again, fix the cert and change.the nameservers

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