SSL/TLS not working

Dear all,

My domain which is in Cloudflare® free plan and SSL/TLS is served through Google® Trust SSL certificate. HTTPS is working correctly for and . This domain is registered in my country Maldives ISP/web hosting provider Dhiraagu and the website is a blog in Google® Blogger™…

I have a subdomain hosted in Freehostia® and it’s .

I have installed a Cloudflare® SSL/TLS Origin Certificate in this subdomain in Freehostia® (which is the only subdomain using this TLD) and enabled Full (Strict) in Cloudflare®…

However still https (secure connection is not working properly).

Can you all help me to resolve this issue?

Welcome to the Cloudflare community!

You are headed the right direction using Full (Strict) and Origin Certificates. However, there is a few issues with your configuration.

The subdomain is redirecting all https requests to http. I can see the certificate is on there, but Apache/Freehostia is causing that redirect. This is something you will need to disable in their panel/configuration.

Secondly, the subdomain is not proxied :orange:. Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates only work with Proxy :orange: enabled on the record, which you can change within DNS => Records in your dashboard, just click “Edit” and then click on the “DNS Only” slider.

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