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Hello. I’ve just started using CloudFlare. I have a domain here on CloudFlare and a couple of subdomains. I’m using “SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full” and on my home server i’ve imported the CA “NginxProxyManager”. I’m trying to use some subdomains for some services like: nextcloud, home assistant and bitwarden. But wen I click on the subdomains …I get an error:

Error 526

Ray ID: 64b30c27ae2c1cd0 • 2021-05-06 14:55:05 UTC

Invalid SSL certificate.

How can i fix it? i’ve tried and generated new certificates… but i have the same problem

It’s super easy to let Cloudflare generate a certificate you can use on your server. The default " , *" certificate should suffice.

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Hello. I’ve done that… 2 certificate OriginCert.pem, for and *, , and a privatekey.key, i’ve imported bouth of them on NginxProxy manager… and configured the subdomains to use the certificates…

Even Full (not strict) should accept an invalid certificate. Are you sure your certificates are active on the server? You can try a test like this to read the certificate information:

curl -svo /dev/null --connect-to :: 2>&1 | egrep -v "^{.*$|^}.*$|^* http.*$"

Replace the with your hostname, and the 123 address with the actual address of your home server.

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sdayman - Thank you for the help, it seems that the certificates are not active on nginxproxymanager, now i have to figure why not.

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