SSL/TLS entry is missing from menu

On one of my accounts, the SSL/TLS selection that normally appears just under the email selection is not there. How do I make SSL/TLS visible so I can check/change the settings?

I do not know how to get to that URL, but here is a screen shot of the menu I get:


If I click on the URL you listed, it brings up a list of my accounts. I’m sure you do not want that.
If I then select the problematic account, I get a "403 you don’t have permissions to view this page. Is that what you want to see?

The problem is with the menu. The site is actually working fine, but I want to be able to change the SSL settings, and cannot because of the missing menu item.

Here is the screen shot you requested:

@mikev I suspect your role for the given domain does not have permission to view the SSL/TLS settings. I see your role as DNS only, you may want to contact the superadmin and ask them to adjust your permissions.


That makes sense to me, and I will contact the superadmin.

Can you tell me how you can view the permissions for a user?

thank you


You can ask the super admin to go here, to see the members & roles in their account. Details on roles here, Account members · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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