SSL/TLS encryption mode

Hello, i am new user and not aware much for cloudflare, have added 2-3 website but not much sure about “SSL/TLS encryption mode”, please suggest i am using free plan of cloudflare and want to use cloudflare ssl service.


Is encryption/HTTPS of importance to you?

Yes, the website required basic https due seo purpose only… so can you assist which mode should use ?

There is no basic HTTPS. There either is or there is not :slight_smile:

In this case there are two steps

  1. Make sure you have a valid certificate on your own server
  2. Choose “Full strict” as your SSL mode

I want to use cloudflare free ssl service, don’t have paid certificate. So please suggest which is suitable mode ?

You need a certificate on your server. That can be paid or one of the free ones. Your choice.

As you can check my site is already https with the cloudflare ssl settings so i don’t think i need to buy any other ssl server or have to upload any other free certificate, my concern is that which mode should i use for basic/free plan cloudflare

Yes, you do. This topic has been discussed a million times here.

Do you have a certificate on your server? Then good. If not your site is still insecure, because - you dont have a certificate which is obviously necessary for HTTPS.

The mode you should choose, I already mentioned. “Full strict”.

Ok, Got it. Thanks for your help.

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