SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict) but still using Cloudflare SSL?

I configured a test domain SSL/TLS encryption mode for Full (strict) and web services started using the server configured SSLs instead of Cloudflare SSL Certs.

I then proceeded to update our primary production domain for SSL/TLS encryption mode Full (strict) and the Proxied sites still show Cloudflare SSL cert applied. Tested on incognito mode and another device etc

When I made the change on a test domain it was basically instantaneous, so any ideas why the SSL cert isn’t changing?

This is expected behaviour.

End user connections are always terminated on Cloudflare, usually using a Cloudflare managed certificate.

Full (Strict) means that when Cloudflare talks to your Origin server they will do so using HTTPS, and will verify that the certificate on your Origin is valid (in date, has the correct hostname and either from a publicly trusted CA, or the Cloudflare Origin CA).

Full (Strict) is the recommended setup.

If the site was :orange:, this is unlikely to have been the case.



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