SSL/TLS encryption is flexible , is it protected by https?

i ve tried to use mode is Full or Full (strict), but the page wont load.

so i tried Flexible and its ok , the domain is showing that i have HTTPS. however, just to double confirm, is Flexible legit for HTTPS?

It is not. You need “Full strict” and you need to configure a valid certificate on your server for that.

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AWW! but my website shows that my domian has possesed already “HTTPS” . anyhow , if this isnt the proper way to do it , is there a specific guideline to config?


That is just the proxy certificate. You still need a certificate on your server.

There is not much of a guideline. Just make sure you server has a valid certificate, thats it.

but where to download the certf of cloudflare ?

or i just have to get any certf from any ssl provider, and make the DNS on cloudflare , is this the right way to do it ?

Either way is possible. At you can get one from Cloudflare.

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NC! thanks!

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