SSL/TLS Edge sert is empty

the certificate is missing

on SSL/TLS ->Edge Certificates:
“No certificates.”
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on browser:

on curl:
"* Trying 2606:4700:3032::6815:404f…

  • Expire in 149996 ms for 3 (transfer 0x5641754900f0)
  • Expire in 200 ms for 4 (transfer 0x5641754900f0)
  • Connected to www.***************.tld (2606:4700:3032::6815:404f) port 443 (#0)
  • ALPN, offering h2
  • ALPN, offering http/1.1
  • successfully set certificate verify locations:
  • CAfile: none
    CApath: /etc/ssl/certs
  • TLSv1.3 (OUT), TLS handshake, Client hello (1):
  • TLSv1.3 (IN), TLS alert, handshake failure (552):
  • error:14094410:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert handshake failure
  • Closing connection 0
    curl: (35) error:14094410:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert handshake failure"

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Disable Universal SSL, give it a minute and then click on Enable Universal SSL.


Thank you very much!
everything worked!
Disable and re enables “Disable Universal SSL”

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