SSL/TLS Certificate

I’m self hosting my webserver on my Synology NAS, which is using a (O)VPN to ensure a static IP adress.

I’ve changed the name servers on my domain registrar according to the instructions on cloudflare, yet when I visit my domain it’s not secure.

I noticed upon visiting the site, that my certificate is bound to my dynamic IP adress from the synology DDNS, which messes up the certificate. (My A-record to my domain points towards my VPN IP).

I would apprecate if someone could instruct me what steps I need to take to make sure the certificate works as intended.

Just want to add that my DDNS with the certificate is by “Let’s Encrypt” and is pointing towards my actual external IP (Not proxied/VPN).

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Let’s Encrypt does not issue certificates for IP addresses. Your certificate most likely is issued to a different domain than the one you are using with Cloudflare. That’s not going to work. You will need to review the relevant Synology documentation that pertains to using your own domain with your Synology.

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