SSL/TLS breaks only when URL includes 'https://' but does not include 'www' prefix

Of the possible URLs to get to the homepage, - works fine. All other ones should redirect here. - redirects OK. - redirects OK. - redirects OK.

But, - breaks:




Mixed Content Test from GeekFlare is OK:


Both Edge and Origin Certificates are signed by Cloudflare.

The site initially had a Let’s Encrypt Certificate installed. Or is still installed. Cannot figure it out.

CMS: Wordpress, up to date.
Really Simple SSL plugin is installed.

Hosted by DreamHost, I’ve submitted a ticket but they suggested to ask here.

Encryption mode is set to Full (strict)
Authenticated Origin Pulls is set to ON
Always Use HTTPS is set to ON
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is set to ON, Max-Age: 6 months
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is set to ON

Appreciate any help, I’m not a expert on SSL/TLS, but i’ve tried many things and nothing seems to fix it.

Try going to the DNS tab in Cloudflare and make sure your root A or CNAME record is set to proxied with an orange cloud :orange:.

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