SSL through webhotel can I use Cloudflare free?


Hi there,
I’m a bit new to all this and would need some guidance. I have just gotten SSL installed on my site issued through my webhotel. Can I still use Cloudflare free? What about the settings in cloudflare, what should I think about?
All help is very much appreciated, thank you!!!


Of course you can use Cloudflare Free! And welcome to the Community!

For the SSL consider that you origin’s won’t be seen by your users. You actually don’t need a valid, third party certificate: CF provides a free Origin Certificate that they trust for this purpose.

As for the settings they vary depending on your site, your requirements and the back end.
I would probably go for:

  • minification (confirm everything works, especially for scripts).
  • Always Use HTTPS which redirects user to the HTTPS version, do not enable if you already redirect and you use the Flexible SSL option (and possibly the HTTPS Everywhere if you have doubts on mixed content and/or third party loads).
  • page rule to cache everything (unless there is dynamic content, so only if it is a static site, otherwise you might need to do tests).

This rules apply only if the record is orange-clouded, so it’s proxied by Cloudflare.

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