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I have installed my own server on DigitalOcean + configured SSL.
If I use server without cloudflare it show me my SSL certificate installed well.
but as i turn on Cloudflare DNS Proxy. it starting shows me Cloudflare certificate.
I am on Free Plan with Cloudflare.
Here is the question . How can I use my own certificate instead of Cloudflare’s one?
Thank you!

Hi @nick.terekhin,

Your certificate on your server will be used for the second part of the connection, between Cloudflare and your server, however the Cloudflare cert will be used for the part between the visitor and Cloudflare, hence the visitor sees the Cloudflare cert.

Assuming you want to proxy through Cloudflare, the only way to show your own cert would be on the Business plan with the custom certificate feature.

Are you having an issue with the Cloudflare Universal Cert.?

Hi, @domjh
Thank you for your prompt answer it really helps me.
No I have no any issue with Uni Cert.

Thank you again! Have a nice day!

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