SSL suddenly stopped working for existing subdomain?

Hello dear community,

i noticed my SSL for some subdomain is no longer working and i wonder why as i did not make any changed at all.

I have a subdomain ( setted on the DNS with the orange proxy symbol pointing to my server.

SSL Certificates checked and seems to be valid
*, Type Universal 1

SSL Settings for the Domain

  • Full
  • Always Use HTTPS (on)
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) (off)
  • Authenticated Origin Pulls (on)

Now somehow when ever i visit that subdomain i receive the following error


Subject: CloudFlare Origin Certificate
Issuer: CloudFlare, Inc.
Expires on: 04.09.2021
Current date: 05.09.2019

I already tried different browsers and accessing the subdomain from different hosts so this seems to be no client side error.

Now how do i solve this?

thanks in advance for your kind help

That sounds like you’re bypassing Cloudflare and hitting the origin server directly.

Maybe you have a local hosts file for that hostname that points to the IP address.

Without knowing the actual hostname, that all I can suggest.

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