Ssl suddenly not working

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Your server certificate will have expired. You need to contact your host.

  1. You should check your attitude. Asking for help and responding with the language definitely is not appreciaed.
  2. If you don’t like assumptions, provide reasonable information and no “my site not work” one-liners - there’s a reason why the very first posting here outlines that, which you ignored
  3. There is no Cloudflare SSL
  4. The proxy certificate did not expire
  5. If there is an expired certificate, it will be your server’s. As a host, you should know how to fix that

Of course it was not related to SSL, as the proxy certificate never expired.

Your responses are really a bit inappropriate, as you did not provide any details on what the issue is (respectively posted some misleading assumptions) and then used foul language in response to my reply.

There is a very clear guideline posted as very first posting, which indicates what information should be provided but you chose to ignore that.

Anyhow, closing as the issue has been fixed.