SSL Suddenly disappeared from root and sub-domains

Hello community!

Our company is using cloudflare to manage our ‘[secret].place’ domain. It has sub domains like [secret].[secret].place (yes the tld is .place).

We managed to obtain SSL on all domains as above until they all no more have SSL since few days. I’m using the flexible option (Free, Universal SSL).

The domains are pointed to fixed IP (Elastic IP) in our AWS console, pointed to the instances. This IP has been used in DNS records.

My question is what are possible areas of focus for getting to know the solution? As everything seems fine and was working perfectly before which suddenly seemed to stop, no touches or changes made to existing infra.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Without knowing the domain it is difficult to tell you much.

Are the nameservers still in place and pointing to Cloudflare nameservers?
Are the relevant hostnames are :orange: on your DNS. (if they are :grey: then Cloudflares certificates are not used)
Are you using more than one level of subdomain (

What exactly do you mean here?

This is not safe, and you should install a certificate on your origin and change to Full or Full (Strict).


Hey @michael , really appreciate your help. Our main regstrar had the A records still present. We have deleted those and letting Cloudflare DNS’ maintain that.

Things are good for now. I hope we did the correct thing.

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