SSL subdomain with cname configuration


I am wondering if it’s possible to use Cloudflare ssl for free plan, with CNAME setup ?


Is your domain on a Business plan?


But i think in free plan we can enable ssl for one subdomain (only one)

In that case you cant use a CNAME setup to begin with.

The DNS for my subdomain works correctly, but only ssl don’t work

You mean we can’t une ssl with CNAME setup for free plan ?

Only Business plans support CNAME setups.

Ok thank you. it’s clear now.

Just for clarification (as it is not clear to me any longer, now after rereading it), you were referring to CNAME setups and not CNAME records, right?

I wanted to use ssl for my subdomain with CNAME record for free plan without updates for a domain’s registration to point to Cloudflare’s nameservers for DNS resolution.

The cname record for my subdomain works correctly, but the ssl don’t work.

CNAME record or setup? You are referring exclusively to the latter, but your description only matches the former.

Setup record not setup.

Thats a completely different story then.

So what is your question? Be as specific as possible and provide the actual domain and the record.

Sorry, i was not clear.

I am testing Cloudflare to use it with aws s3 (with ssl)

I want to access to my medias located on aws s3 with my subdomain using ssl.

But i dont want to change my dns servers.

My actuel domain is and the record is :

In my registar :

In Cloudflare:


I am using free plan only for tests.

if it works i will use pro or business plan

The first issue I’d recognise is that your server is not working on HTTPS


but i think with Flexible ssl i don’t need https on my server.

Flexible is highly discouraged and should not be used. Your site will be still insecure.

Yes. But it should works, no ?

I can’t use ssl on my server because it’s aws s3 website, and we can’ use it with ssl.

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