SSL Subdomain Help please!

Everyone says to talk to everyone else. I have my domain name hosted on Godaddy and using Wordpress hosting. is pointing to Cloudflare, I have a Paid for SSL with Godaddy, but I assume it is using Cloudflares SSL. I then set up a Subdomain name “”, it is pointed to Wix and works fine accept my SSL. Wix does not support 3rd party SSL and told me to change my A record and cname record at my host, however it is pointing to Cloudflare, so I did accordingly. Still nothing. Wix SSL is included with plan, however I am not sure if I need to purchase another SSL with go daddy, especially since it goes through Cloudflare. Wix says talk to godaddy, godaddy says to talk to wix. If anyone can help me I will be forever grateful.

The cert error on the community subdomain is with the Cloudflare cert - the subdomain is too deep. The Cloudflare cert covers * but can’t cover i.e. it could cover but not

On a different note, I remember reading somewhere that you can’t enable Cloudflare services on a Wix site. Try setting the subdomain to :grey:, rather than :orange: and see if the Wix SSL kicks in.

Interesting. So if my main site: is going through Cloudflare, then my sub name is going through Cloudflare, however it is working. Funny as Godaddy says you need a separate SSL for a sub domain name.

I am going to give that a try, Thank you soooo much!!

Tis common for GoDaddy, they love imposing extra fees for every little thing you do.

You should make sure that your subdomain has the orange cloud :orange: in the DNS, just like your main domain does to get the Cloudflare SSL.

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