SSL Strict Mode

Ok so here’s my problem.

I know using SSL is highly recommended especially on an ecommerce website. This is why I want to use Full (Strict). And it seems to work, but only for not not only From web docs it says the issue is more than likely a self signed certificate. But this is even for Cloudflare origin certs. And yes I believe it was configured properly assigned to * and I gotta be missing something here. The cert works in strict mode, but only for Error received was 526.

Error 526 stands for “invalid SSL Certificate”:

Have you already checked what SSL Cert gets offered from the origin server at
In Full (Strict) CloudFlare accepts:

  1. publicly valid SSL Certs
  2. its own self signed Certs (CloudFlares free origin SSL Cert)

So chances are, that your origin Server offers a different SSL Cert (maybe a selfsigned from yourself) for the subdomains which the will fail under Full (Strict)

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