SSL stopped working a few days ago. Error: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID


SSL stopped working a few days ago. CF control panel says it’s set to Full encryption and I haven’t changed that in 2 years.

  1. My name servers are Cloudflare; and
  2. How can I confirm that my SSL is being handled through CF?
  3. any ideas what the cause of the problem might be?

That’s unfortunately insecure. That should be Full Strict.

As for the error message, that’s because your server certificate expired. You need to talk to your host to get that fixed.

I have never had an SSL purchased through my hosting provider.

FYI, my Cloudflare account shows none listed.

1.Is this normal or has it gotten deleted somehow?

2. So you mean I need to buy an SSL from my hosting company?

You do have an SSL certificate with your host and that’s exactly what expired and what you need to fix.

The screenshot you posted is not relevant here as that is for client authentication.

Again, talk to your host to get your certificate fixed, then it will work. You can also use an Origin certificate on your server of course, but it would be easier if your host simply fixed their certificate.

But first change your encryption mode to Full Strict, as you’d otherwise have no encryption in the first place.


These instructions are unfortunately misleading as they recommend an insecure legacy setting. If you do not choose Full Strict, you have no security in the first place.

Steps to fix that

  1. Change to Full Strict
  2. Contact your host to fix the server certificate

Once you completed both, it will load fine again

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