Ssl still not working

I have signup for getting a free cloudfare ssl certificate and did all the recommended steps properly
But SSL certificate on my site is still not working and showing your site is not secure.
can anyone help me to find out what I am missing

The site loads fine over HTTPS on my end and also correctly redirects HTTP to HTTPS.

Do you still experience the issue?

Yes I am still
facing the issue

I have tried in incognitoand also in two different devices

When did you start using Cloudflare? It is possible your ISP is caching the old DNS records, which would result in requests being sent directly to your origin.

But if that is the case, it suggests you do not have a valid SSL certificate on your origin server. This is a security problem.

Isn’t this the same site as from before? You said it was working, except for the mobile test issue:

This is the same site and i foolishly removed my cloudfare
Now i am struggling to reinstall it

I suggest you reset the name servers to the one at your host and then get your site up and running fully configured with SSL. Once it’s all perfect at your host, you can add it back to Cloudflare.

get your site up and running fully configured with SSL

My host does not provide ssl


That would certainly explain why your SSL still isn’t working.

If your host will let you upload your own certificate, Cloudflare can make one for you:

If your host will not let you upload your own certificate, then I suggest you find another host if SSL is that important to you.

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