SSL SSL/TLS app - Authorizing Certificate DELAYS

I have 2 tickets without response. 1618833 and 1618835

I had ssl ok free, i was upgraded to PRO, and the site give me a 403 error (Cloudflare).

In SSL/TLS says Authorizing Certificate…

Can anyone helpme?. is a e-commerce … my clients are fire me!

Hi @juato4, really sorry for the issue. The 403 is related to a temporary issue while replacing the certificate from the free account with a certificate for the pro account. We saw a similar issue here, HELP! Cannot access site 403 forbidden after upgrade! - #7 by cloonan. Once the new certificate for the pro account is in place, that will go away.

oh. this is very bad to the commerce… really… if i know this… i do not upgrade.

I have the same issue… i checked in this forum many people with more than 11 days with this problem… my web is a e-commerce this can be very bad for business… how can we fix it fast?

I think,… you need to advise this to the customer… and we can do it on the night… or maybe in better time with low traffic…

i didnt know this… i am in the prime time and with the website down… very bad for business.

Hi @juato4, the change should be very quick and if it’s not, please reach out to support and let them know. In the meantime, please pause Cloudflare to stop the error – How do I temporarily deactivate Cloudflare?

@cloonan i was reach support 1 hour ago… without response.

@cloonan, how can i reactivate the url???.. the dashboard say me 404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for. when i try to enter to my website account after temporary deactivate.

@cloonan my website dissapear from the dashboard… what happen?

all is gone…

now i was maked a new website account… but without the PRO (?)… insane.

Hi @juato4, the zone was just deleted from your account. You’ll need to re-add it. The two tickets were merged into 1618835.

i was re-add it… but it appears without pro… it is free now.

Got it, I’ll work with the team to get that corrected and I’ve included a link to this conversation on your ticket.

I just visited your account and site and see the zone is active, the certificate is issued and the page loads securely.

Thanks !

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