SSL situation - what should I choose? And how do I enable it?

Hey guys,

We have recently bought a domain via cloudflare, and we have configured a (jsut an example, and it is a proxied configuration) to point to our cloud server. We have configured a free (universal) SSL as well, it works just fine, the SSL is valid and issued to sni.cloudflaressl.

However, we do have a separate dedicated (self-hosted) web server, where we would like to put our geofeed database, and we would like to reach it by geofeed. domain (.com)
Usually we would have a CA and SSL key, that would be pasted inside apache (or nginx) configuration, however, I cannot see my SSL key (and as far as I can see that would not work).

I tried searching for more information in the KB and as far as I understand, I need Cloudflare Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostname? But when checking my universal SSL i see that it states that wildcard *.domain (.com) and are both covered. So this would work with self hosted webs? But then again, I still need the key right?

Can you help me out on this rebus? All I want to achieve is that geofeed.domain .com would be covered by SSL together with currently working domain (.com), and I do not know whether I should continue to use universal SSL or should I buy the new one, and even after that, there is the SSL key question.

Thank you.

That’s only the proxy certificate. Do you have a certificate on your server too? If not, you still have an insecure site.

Regardless of proxy certificates you still need to configure your server for SSL as you would do without the proxies. If you don’t have a regular public certificate, you can also get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare.

As always, the search has all the details on that.

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