SSL - Site is not secure after using EZOIC and returned to Cloudflare

Everything used to work fine until I moved my dns servers to EZOIC, from my understanding Ezoic has a partnership with Cloudflare.

Before the error appeared this is how I set the ssl:

  1. I created a SSL certificate ins Cloudflare’s Origin Server, valid untill 2034.
  2. Cloudflare configuration was on Full(strict)
    And everything worked fined.

A week ago I opened an account in Ezoic and I moved my dns servers to theirs dns servers.
Everything worked fine and I still have ssl(of Ezoic).

but then I decided to change back my dns servers to Cloudflare’s again and I got this error:

Why this happens? what went wrong? I didn’t change anything in the Cloudflare settings…

The displayed certificate is a Cloudflare Origin certificate which is only valid in a proxied context. You need to make sure the DNS records in question are set to :orange:.


Hi Sandro,
What do you mean by proxied context?

I changed back the name servers to use Cloudflare’s name servers and got this error.

Have you done this? You blotted out the domain name, so we can’t check.

I did last week and after I had this error I moved it back to Ezoic.

Now I updated the DNS servers to point back to CloudFlare, it takes a few minutes/hours to update.

After the update will kick in I will send you the domain name.

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The DNS record needs to be proxied, otherwise the certificate wont be trusted. Please check out

User is active with related question here, Error 520 - my website is down.

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Is there a problem with Cloudflare at the moment?

My site is down for a few hours already

Nothing showing on,