SSL setup through partner

Newbie here. I added from cpanel on my Hostnine hosting account. Successfully installed SSL cert, waited 24 hours but still not https.

Do I understand correctly that nameservers can be left ‘as is’, because I added the site from a partner cpanel? If I need to change nameservers (Godaddy) where do I find them in Cloudfare?

I recall also adding this site to cloudfare some months ago, but directly, not through a partner. Maybe this is screwing things up. Should I delete and reinstall from cpanel? If so, would I need to generate and reinstall SSL cert.

Megathanks, Derek

That site is not proxied through Cloudflare, so that origin certificate will not be accepted by browsers.

You’ll either have to get some help from GoDaddy to get your site on Cloudflare, or manually add it to your account and update your name servers to use the ones assigned by Cloudflare.

Many thanks. If I deleted and added the domain manually, will the SSL cert I installed still hold, or would I have to do it again?

If you mean at Cloudflare, then that origin certificate is installed at your host and shouldn’t go away.

But if you mean to delete it at GoDaddy, then the origin certificate will most likely be deleted as well.

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