SSL setup help

I have some web space on tso host with a real web name of say fred.xxy
on this I have a folder playhockey

On a domain registration service web site (freeparking) I use web forwarding to point my web site proper web name playhockey to the actual web space fred.xxy/playhockey

This all works fine but I want to get the web site an SSL cert so I used the free Cloudflare option

I replaced the named servers of playhockey to be the Cloudflare suggested ones but now the web site is unavailable. message says site is unavailable

TSO HOST said I had originally to use their name servers.

Should I add the main web space of fed.xxy to Cloudflare SSL so all the space is in SSL or do I need to do it by web site url as I have already tried.

How can I get this to work?

Any help would be apricated


I’m still looking for help on this please
trying to use free ssl,
Please see images
I buy web space from TSO Host, I use web forwarding to redirect a web url to a folder on this web space, see images, I have shown Freeparking (the domain registrar) suggested servers, I have added the Cloudflare servers and shown the forwarding setup.
But my web page does not display.
Today out of desperation I added the https: forwarding , originally it was just the http one.
Please help and guide me to do what is right and possible.
I just want a SSL padlock symbol on my web site.
It does not store or use any customer data.

Many thanks, thats the images I needed to show to help

That’s all a bit of a mess. You really need to sort all that out before you add the site to Cloudflare, as that’s too long of a chain of services to get working properly.

This all works fine but I want to get the web site an SSL cert so I used the free Cloudflare option

SSL needs to start at the origin, so you shouldn’t need Cloudflare for that. Once you get your site up and running with SSL and the domain name showing up just like you want, we can help you add your working site to Cloudflare.

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thanks for responding, why a mess?
I have 1 web space that I run multiple web sites from and have done for many years.
Each folder on the web site is linked via forwarding to a different url.
If Cloudflare is unable to SSL it with the free package I’ll have to buy SSL but its expensive just to be able to get a padlock symbol when I don’t store any customer data.
Maybe I don’t need SSL


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