SSL Setup for NZBget, sonarr, radarr, etc

Ok, I’m Kind of a noob at this. I’ve been using my Setup for about a year now and I love it. This is not about WAN SSL. All my outside usenet server connections are encrypted.

I run all my apps through docker containers on my sonology. Using NZBget, sonarr, radar, headphones, deluge, etc. all held together by organizr.

Lately I’ve been thinking about setting up self-issued SSL-certificates for all my usenet apps. because why not. It doesn’t cost anything and more security is never bad.

I just can’t really find guides/documentation on it. Also you have to bind certificates to a domain right? What if I don’t have one. Can’t they be attached to a LAN IP? Are there specific things that has to be taken into account regarding docker? And how would that work exactly, All the containers have the same IP, just the port is different.

Yeah I’m a bit lost. Does anyone have a similar setup and made it work with SSL? Thanks for all your input.

Self-signed certificates do not really provide any additional security.

I am afraid, server administration is a bit beyond the scope of the forum here and you might want to ask the question at a Synology forum, for example.

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