SSL Setup and Issues for a Sub Domain

I currently have a free account at CloudFlare and needed a dedicated SSL certificate to manage our subdomain, ie,com

I followed the instructions noted below but I don’t see the results of item #4 anywhere in my account. I also checked my billing statement and do not see the $10/month added yet.

  1. Select Dedicated SSL Certificate and click Next .
  2. Confirm that your domain and the one-level wildcard are correct and click Next. You will see a Payment method screen.
  3. Enter your payment information or confirm existing payment method, then click Next . Once the payment information has been confirmed, validation will begin.
  4. Once the validation is complete, you now have your Dedicated SSL Certificate. You should see a confirmation screen with your Dedicated SSL information.

If I go back to the account and try the process again Edge Certificate > Order Advanced Certificate it is prompting for the Creation of the advanced certificate. Is this the correct process?

Hi @jeff22,

ACM should be a single subscription and you can then keep generating certificates as you need them, without having to pay again.

If you look under SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates, you should see whether you already have Advanced Certs:

If not, or they don’t cover the required hostnames, you can just order another one covered by the same subscription.

That sounds right and is consistent with what I see in my account.

Excellent thanks! I saved the DigiCert certificate and the panel now shows as ‘initializing’

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