SSL settings from previous SAAS blocking new DNS settings

Hi Everyone,

I just created a Shopify site to replace an existing e-commerce solution for a client. The domain name servers are pointing to the original registrar. I have updated the CNAME and A record to point to Shopify. The only other DNS setting are google MX records.

Yet the domain refuses to connect to Shopify. I spoke with the registrar and they said Shopify needs to address the legacy SSL attached to the domain. Shopify said that we need to contact the legacy SASS to have them disconnect the SSL. The problem is that the client doesn’t have an account any more with the legacy SAAS.

So we are stuck with these legacy SSL settings in Cloud-flare depsite the DNS settings of the domain only pointing to Shopify. I do not understand how Cloud-flare is still in the picture.

How do i resolve this?

It’s because the old site didn’t release the domain. Even though the client doesn’t have an account with the legacy SAAS, they should still try contacting them and make the request.

If that doesn’t work, Shopify has enough evidence (your DNS settings) to open a ticket with Cloudflare. Shopify has an Enterprise plan with a 2 hour response time and can fix this if they’re willing to open a ticket.

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