SSL Settings forcing canonicalisation of http links - what have I done wrong?


I am looking after:

Running a screaming from crawl on the site shows that the https pages are all canonicalised to http versions:

However some of my colleagues in the same industry (who also use Cloudflare) do not have this issue e.g. :

Currently SSL is set to ‘flexible’. If I set to “Full” I get redirected to: bniconnectglobal dot com or “Full Strict” I get a 404

Here are my DNS settings:

Please help, this is driving me nuts :slight_smile:

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Here is a screenshot of the Screaming Frog crawl:

Here is a screenshot of the same crawl for bni-lnw:

Here is what I get if I set to SSL “full”:

Here is what I get if I set SSL to “full strict”:

It sounds like your server does not have a valid certificate for your domain. See about getting one installed by your host. Cloudflare can also provide one if you are able to install it on your hosting plan.

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Thank you sadyman

I don’t have direct control over the host, only the domain name reg

Therefore I have forwarded to the hierarchy that do have control of the hosting

Presume there is nothing I can do myself if I do not have direct control over the hosting itself?

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