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I have recently paid to renew my SSL certificate with Crazy Domains, however since my website is hosted on Cloudflare, I received an email from Crazy Domains stating that I need to supply them with the following information in order for the certificate to be activated:

1.) CSR file generated from your hosting provider’s server (at least 2048 bits key),
2.) SERVER SOFTWARE used to generate the CSR

Is it possible for someone to assist me in how to obtain this information?


Considering you paid them, shouldnt they do all of the steps and already have whatever information they need?

Cloudflare has no insight or information regarding the certificate your registrar issued or is supposed to issue.

Also, Cloudflare does not host your site but only proxies it and provides DNS services.


Yeah I’m not sure, I’m really confused by it. But I’'ll paste the email screenshot below, as well as a screenshot showing that the Nameservers are with Cloudflare. Let me know what you think:


The domain is not hosted “somewhere else” but it simply has the nameservers pointed to Cloudflare. The hosting is still at the original place. I’d contact them about it and clarify that. They should be aware of how Cloudflare functions.


The information crazy domains is asking for is used for the certificate itself. They want you to run a command on your website’s server that generates a private key and a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). When they receive the CSR they will give you the signed certificate that you then copy back over to your website server and install there.

For one, where you website is hosted shouldn’t matter to the SSL issuer since they just get a CSR and give you back a .crt. They may try to figure out your host so they can directly link to the help article.

For another, I would recommend against purchasing SSL, encrypting connections should be free so if you want to save some money try next time.


Thanks for the detailed replies. I contacted Crazy Domains again, and all I had to do was reply to the email they sent, and reinforce to them that the website is indeed registered and hosted with them, and that the “admin” email had been set up. It’s all been fixed now, thanks

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