SSL Security level




SSL seems to be working fully on desktop and tablet browsers, however on the home page only on a smart phone browser the padlock is not presented.

If I navigate to another url on the same domain on the same smart phone the padlock appears.

It literally just the home page on just a smart phone. Has anyone come across this and aware of any resolutions?

Many thanks


Do you see any different behavior on mobile when you are on cellular vs wifi?



No, the same result is replicated over wifi and cellular and seems to be isolated to mobile browser only and the home page only (, all other pages are fine on both mobile and desktop.

I’ve activated to deliver via https only in both the website and on cloudflare.

Very curious and driving me mad…


You can test/reproduce this in Chrome on your machine by mimicking a mobile device.

it appears the mobile template is calling an insecure resource on the home page. The resource will be shown on the security tab in developer tools.


Thanks very much.