SSL Secure flashes then disappears


Hi I have now got my SSL up and running on my website:

cloudflare says my account is active (i have done all the DNS stuff). Now Im wondering why my website although it redirects to https:// it still doesnt show as secure in my browser (chrome) it just flashes breifly and then goes back to the (i) logo “Your connection to this site is not fully secure”

can anyone help?


Mixed content. You have one resource that’s using http.
jquery-latest.min.js loading from


thanks! I went to change that and now I see that no SSL is working at all. my certificate is active and I have Always use HTTPS set but it never serves me a https page on my laptop strangely though it always does on my cell phone. can you help? not sure what is going on


It’s still the same for me. jquery is still http. You might want to set your domain to Development Mode from Cloudflare’s Overview tab. It will pause the caching and anything else that may interfere with trying to fix SSL.

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